About Us

Jumping stilts are the most modern and extreme jumping product in the sports market. With the exponential increase in demands, a vast range of qualities and brands are popping up every day. It is getting harder and harder for true sports enthusiasts to decide which brand is reliable and is giving good value for money. The founders of Extreme Jumping Stilts are guys who are dedicated to the spirit of sports and want to ensure that you get the best jumping stilts in the market.

Extreme Jumping Stilts helps you get acquainted with jumping stilts. We share with you the many cool tricks and uses these amazing contraptions have and the numerous ways you can have a blast with them. We also review the several models and types of jumping stilts present in the market to allow you to make informed decisions based on the worth and safety of the stilts.

Proud of the sincerity and commitment it has with its costumers, Extreme Jumping Stilts only keeps the highest quality stilts from the most reliable brands like Poweriser & Air-Trekker. We realise that bocking is a technical activity and even the tiniest error on part of the manufacture can lead to injuries. To ensure our customers get the maximum safety, we only deal in the top manufacturers that make safety a clear priority.

At Extreme Jumping Stilts, customer satisfaction is the mission and the goal. We put in extra effort to perfect our customer service and ensure that no complain goes unresolved. In the highly unlikely event of a problem in any of the stilts bought from us, we cooperate fully with the client and do out absolute best in making certain that the error is never repeated.

Get started on a journey of fitness and exercise with Extreme Jumping Stilts. Get in touch with us and find the perfect jumping stilts for your weight and height!